Sunday, April 8, 2012

house of distorted mirrors

when you believe you are undeserving
you open yourself to unsuitable company
who hoodwink you through false assurances
these culprits may be volatile
combative and disrespectful
with a persistent self-referential attitude
sweetness, tension and acting out
become recurring themes
played over and over again
like looping cassette tapes
yet after each explosion
you get to breathe a peculiar kind of calm
coz you don’t have to walk on eggshells
at least not for another while
you go for long walks alone
interacting with strangers
you listen to distant cheerful voices
celebrating some family occasion
while mourning your own unforeseeable exile


Brace said...

You're killing me softly (like in the song). I was once a writer, too, but the words have stopped coming naturally to me anymore. Perhaps because for so long there's been no one to hear them, or else a fear of repercussions from those who did.

Intuitive Feeling said...

Hi Brace,

Yes, the fear of repercussions is real. It's true when we write with the motivation of winning approval we are sure to be discouraged. Writing for my own pleasure and challenge is a far higher motivation.

Anonymous said...

loved your reflections...only regret - i don't meet similar people in real life...