Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Symptoms of PTSD

I've been reading in the support forums that PTSD is a common response to abusive relationships so I decided to select descriptors that applied to me. I have overcome some symptoms while others like social isolation and getting overwhelmed are still issues...

My PTSD symptoms:

"Difficulty “letting go” of the event, or dwelling on “what if?”
Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, or having emotions get out of control
Lack of interest in usual activities or hobbies; apathy
Withdrawing from family, friends, or coworkers; not wanting to talk
No interest in sex
Being irritable, jumpy, “on guard”, “wired”, or unable to relax
Feeling insecure around friends; feeling uncomfortable in crowds
Not wanting to be touched
Avoiding things that remind one of the traumatic experience
Feeling fearful or being afraid to leave home; panic attacks
Increased conflict with others
Difficulty concentrating or remembering things; poor attention span
Difficulty making decisions or solving problems
Feeling like your going crazy
Feeling helpless
Depression may also be present (feelings of sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, changes in sleeping or eating habits, difficulty making decisions, lack of energy)"

-- Reflector
Reference: PTSD Alliance / Anxiety Disorder Association of America Aftershock (Slaby, 1989)

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