Saturday, June 27, 2009

Psychotherapy: Excerpts About the Games Abusers Play

As I read an article from, I couldn't help but identify with the following excerpts. The disordered person can be incredibly convincing to the untrained eye when it comes to "receiving therapy".

"And so... we have the illusion of a client who appears motivated to seek help and make a kind of sincere reckoning, but who, instead, uses therapy to manipulate her way out of the doghouse and restore the old leverage with which she’ll continue, sooner or later, to exploit in her customary style.

... we have sociopaths who play the-dedication-to-their-spiritual-development game. These are typically well-educated sociopaths with a polished psychological rap, who posture as committed spiritual seekers. Some of these sociopaths may go so far as to make a sort of cult—a seeming life mission—of their alleged spiritual development, raising irony and farce to new levels.

Summoning guises like Ms. Sensitive, Ms. Wounded, Ms. Relationship Builder, Ms. I’m-In-Touch-With Vulnerability, Ms. I’m-In-Recovery-From Co-Dependence, and countless other pseudo-evolved raps, these sociopaths can be magnets—and they know it—for genuinely vulnerable men seeking sensitive, emotionally available, vulnerable women with whom to partner in their own recovery."

-- Steve Becker

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