Friday, August 31, 2007

Talking about coffee...

I felt the need to talk about coffee today. I picked up some important info. in one of my counselling courses on drugs. Well, we know that coffee is a stimulant and is okay in moderation. Well, we should not exceed more than 3 cups per day, however, did you know that coffee is good only if you drink it within 10 minutes after brewing? Yes, after that it becomes acidy and toxic!

I am amazed, however, that after sharing such godly wisdom, that I see my colleagues continue to drink that post-ten-minutes-adulterated-toasted-black liquid knowing that it is poison. I just look at them in amazement feeling indignation like the prophets of old, when they would see Israel go astray! Even though the coffee at work is free, it sits there for hours.

I know, all that I've shared hasn't been inscribed in the Ten Commandments, but I have given you a preview of what will be. Trust me.

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