Sunday, September 2, 2007

Broken pipe dreams...

Here in Costa Rica it sometimes takes weeks before the water company ever gets around to repair a broken pipe in the middle of public way, especially if that pipe is under the surface of the road in an unassuming manner. I've been musing upon a broken water pipe these days that had gradually, but most effectively eroded part of the road close to where I lived. I had to ask myself, ¨How could something so imperceptible like water have such power to break apart solid materials? Each morning I would walk by, amazed how this element that is so compliant that when you try to grasp it, it seeps between your fingers.

I decided I would convert this ¨broken pipe dream¨ into an analogy of the invisible spiritual realm. So much of what we are is immaterial to the senses, and so our hidden valuable treasures may be ignored. However, just as water is perceived as soft and weak, yet has power to crumb hard asphalt, we also have powerful resources inside us to impact our society.

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