Friday, November 16, 2007

Pressing the pause button...

¨The artist is an individual, the true artist never hesitates … to be himself.¨
It’s euphoric to ride on the end of a free flowing pen, watch the ink travel from my veins onto blank paper. To write is to access higher levels of consciousness, awareness, understanding in an imaginative reordering of experience that is sublime even in describing the most common observations. The greatest artists, composers and writers, are immensely productive, not just a few masterpieces but often twenty, fifty… even a hundred!!! However, although we may have this wonderful access to a higher state of being, it does not mean we have it all the time. We sometimes need to apply the brakes, take some breathing space in order to recharge the proverbial batteries.

It’s not always easy to listen to the rhythms inside myself especially when it implies pressing the ¨pause¨ button. I’d rather be in perpetual action because it feels great to receive positive feedback about what excites me. However, as the proverbs say, ¨To everything there is a season¨ and for me it’s a time to build up what’s been torn down, to gain new perspective, to rend, to sew, to sow and reap, but most of all to be me at all times… whether writing or just gathering new strength.

-- Reflector

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