Monday, January 24, 2011

blind or mute?

The preacher spoke of an ordeal he had gone through where he had lost his voice for a year and proceeded to give numerous examples of how difficult it was for him to have been sidelined like this. His voice rose adamantly as he uttered these next words:
“I had been away from the pulpit for so long... one of the new hostesses did not recognize me – ME the head pastor of the church! Something inside me wanted to scream at her, saying, ‘Hey, don’t you know who I am lady?'”
Towards the end, the old preacher's tone softened as he cheerfully explained how God pulled him through; how God always saves the day for those who love him. Happy ending. Everyone go and eat lunch...
The lesson conveyed turned out to be different from the one intended. No matter. It left me to ponder how fervently blind (not mute) we can be to our own flaws.
~ intuitivefeeling

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Raven of Truth said...

I love your writing. It always gives me so much to think about. I enjoyed reading about your journey towards a deeper appreciation for solitude. Though I am married, I have also been on a similar journey. I think that, even when other people are a big part of our lives, in order to fully heal and find out who we are, we must turn inward.

"Years later, I came to see the hidden blessing: Had I continued to seek the spotlight, I would not have found my true self, nor my true voice."

I very much relate to this because I went through the same thing last year. I decided to let go of a career path that I had been pursuing for years. It was a career path based on my desire for admiration and attention, something I never received as a child. When I reflected on what I really wanted out of life, I was able to finally let that go and focus on what was was truly important to me.