Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Insights Into Personality Disorders...

A few nights ago I received a new insight. It's the result of a comment to a post I read that mirrored my past and present and I realized I had stumbled onto one of those empowering insights.

I’ve been restless for answers dealing with the troubles I’m having with my soon-to-be ex , yet not seeming to come to any resolution over some slippery issues. What I mean is – she still has control over me – using my child as a mighty crow bar.

I also began to see another protagonist -- my father -- who shows symptoms of PPD (Paranoid Personality Disorder ). I'm discovering personality disorders are much more common than I imagined, but are difficult even for competent therapists to diagnose.

These new bits of insight have given me a new lense to view events and incidents from the past which had long puzzled me (tortured me?).

~ Troubled Reflector

PPD Symptoms (compilation from various sources)

They insist their opinions and values are “right,” and a tendency to be easily offended and take things personally.
They blame others for their own problems.
They are interpersonally rigid, easily offended

They exaggerate their achievements
They fail to recognize other people's emotions and feelings
They "construct" a reality around themselves to fit their ideas
They are incapable of team work because they cannot tolerate setbacks
They are easily frustrated and demoralized and are unable to cope with disagreement and criticism
They have trouble keeping healthy relationships
They appear tough-minded or unemotional
They may treat you different in private than in public.
They mistreat only their closest. To the rest of the world, they appear to be a composed, rational, and functioning persons
They feel deprived and unfairly treated.
They create a "shared psychosis" (folie a deux) with their victim, an overwhelming feeling of "the two of us against the whole world".
They react to the slightest provocation against their self-constructed "image" with disproportionate wrath.
They are self-referenced.

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