Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Awakening connectivity...

Creativity is connected to relationships and although it has been designated as the fuzzball area of life that only a select few with slam-dunk talent could ever profit from, there's another side to this elusive tool .… making a fundamental inroad to affectivity!!! Simply expressed, it’s putting the curiousity back into life.

I’m not making it up. Creativity with its refreshing questioning paradigm really can accentuate “relationships” by accentuating sensation seeking. Many couples want relationships to be more interesting, but consider themselves useless in generating and applying original ideas to this often unexplored domain. In a world that is quick to offer boundless ready-made ideas, relationships usually fall into obtuse, stereotyped practices and habits.

Through the fertile perspective of the artist, relationships have new possibilities to transcend to higher levels of understanding, perception and enrichment. How? By learning to see as the artist sees life (artist in the broad sense: poet, writer, actor, dancer, composer, musician, singer, etc.)(1) becoming keen observers of life (2) looking for answers in unexpected places (a relentless passion for the inductive process that leads to discovery) (3) experiencing life from a different and unusual viewpoint (4) conveying freshness to an often times insipid reality (5) developing intense laser-like concentration(6) showing readiness to take (prudential) risks(7) being tentative and considering multiple possibilities( making relational concepts visible in imaginative, engaging ways

Those who want to enjoy relationships have learned to harness their creative power by keeping the proverbial light bulb turned on when everyone else seems ready to give up. Betty Edwards, has worked for decades decoding the secrets of the creative process to help untap creative potential and apply that power to everyday questions. As you develop the 'habit of creativity' you also develop an intuitive awareness. It is also a means of greater communication, a holding place for ideas to share. Creative relating furthermore, is a safe place where you are able to give fuller expression to your feelings. Above all this safe haven of personal expression can become for you (if you let it) a source of relaxation and enjoyment, because the focus is upon who you are and learning to feel comfortable with that...

Lastly, George Kneller says, “Hence, to think creatively we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” One sure-fire indicator of creative maturity is the ability to be aware, curious and concerned about one’s pattern of thinking – to examine doubts or insecurities in yourself. Creativity is learning to let go of fear and anxiety in order to release the creative part of the brain to work. Now doesn’t that seem to connect with romantic intelligence?

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