Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Fits or Tantrums…

Ultimately, love/contentment begins within oneself through God and although we are supposed to know that, we usually aren't too convinced about it in practice, living out disenchanted lives. The reason is that approval seeking and it’s subtle trappings sabotage love, even before it has a chance to ever blossom. So, please I invite you to read these excerpts from B. Katie Mitchell’s book entitled, ¨I Need Your Love – Is That True?¨

¨Many people’s lives are constantly punctuated with little fits or tantrums in which they express their rejection of what’s happening. What are the thoughts that come at these moments? ¨I’m so hopeless.¨ ¨If he hadn’t done that…¨¨She always…,¨ ¨I knew you better than to do this.¨ Many of these thoughts are about what you would have done if you had known better, or seen it coming, or remembered. You think that if you had done something other than what you did, you could have stayed in control of events.

¨Oh bother!¨ marks the point where reality and your plan parted ways. Things don’t seem to be going your way, and to the best of your ability you’re going to fight reality, even if all you can do is swear, kick a rock, or give someone you love a hard time.

The more you stick to the belief that you’re in control, the more of these moments there are in your life. Some people reach a point where they are fighting reality at every step along the way. That’s how they react to the thought, ´I’m calling the shots´ when no one seems to be listening. It’s a war zone in their minds.
The alternative is to expect reality not to follow your plan. You realize that you have no idea what’s going to happen next. That way, you’re pleasantly surprised when things seem to be going your way, and you’re pleasantly surprised when they don’t. In the second case, you may not have seen what the new possibilities are yet, but life quickly reveals them, and the old plans don’t stop you from moving ahead, from flowing efficiently into the life beyond your schemes and expectations.
…turn it around and allow life to show you the new way to move forward, the way that you haven’t seen yet. … When your old plan is gone, your mind immediately fills with new possibilities.¨

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