Saturday, December 29, 2007

Childlike wonder...

¨Relish the pure beauty that can be found in the most seemingly ordinary moments. Give of yourself just because of how right it feels.¨

As a child I enjoyed collecting exotic tropical fish and looking after them. I had two aquariums that seemed to me then as if they were a 100 gallons each when in reality the biggest one may have been 10 or 15. I didn’t know about tropical fish farms then, nor anything about how commerce had breeded these living ornaments to make money. Instead I thought these creatures were from the amazons or who knows what else. What I want to focus on is the childlike wonder that I experienced. I treated those pets as if they were rare.

In the same way we need to see past the commercialism that threatens to cheapen our lives. Even education has become a pursuit for the highest paying jobs that few people can attain and the few that do, live under tremendous pressure that they may never seem able to relax enough to enjoy any of it. I'm sure there's a teaching to be learned here. Oh, yes! Each day the cynical adult world would like to suffocate that childlike wonder so that we lose sight of our dreams and passions. God protect us from those toxic wayward people or ideas.
-- TR

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