Thursday, December 20, 2007

Character grows out of crisis

I'd like to share a little about me...

Character grows out of crisis. Being less concerned about how I'm coming across, I lean toward a less rule-bound Christian outlook -- outside-the-box approach to spirituality. I dislike simplistic answers and clich├ęs. I seek authenticity -- without pretense, accepting myself as a sinner saved by His grace. I have just come out of a disorienting period of life (separation), emphatic that Christ alone is able to renew. I'm His disciple and like my Master break with religiosity and fanaticism.

I enjoy heartfelt conversations, harmonous relationships and quiet sometimes even artistic activities. I believe in cultivating the inner life, so as not to get pulled into the empty vortex of the external world. I gave away my TV because I'd rather be making my own scripts than watching them.

Oddly enough, as quiet as I am I still haven't grow up to ever stop Rollerblading and do it with pizzaz! I enjoy interpreting music through skate dancing once a week -- love releasing those endorphins!!! I'm imaginative, a tad bit insecure but not clingy, dramatic, jealous nor possessive. As a feeling individual, I bring a strong base of empathy, humor, authenticity --truly appreciating affection and romance.

My career is a mix of disciplines: visual arts, creativity, pastoral studies and now counseling. My goal is to train to be a Christian counselor, especially in the areas of Codependency, Emotional Dependency and Anxious Emotional Attachment.

Thanks for reading.

Dare to be love...

In love we embrace
In love we let go
New vistas to taste
From goodbye to hello
Dare to be love
To the life that we are
Into love that finds time
And verses that rhyme
What is this healing
That reaches the skies?
Why find such favor
Coming from your eyes?
Dare to be love
What could that mean?
Living is giving
Never diminishing
Dare to be love
Without our consent?
Aren’t we responsible
For our own content?
A heart needs a self
To become one flesh
Never two halves
Wholly unselfish
Dare to be love
Deep from within
Where God abounds
And joy ascends
Where no one can take
Our sweet love away
From inside is better
On each cloudy day
Dare to be love
My rose-petal friend
The hedge once gone
Has flowered again
The long silence ended
Our knees to the ground
The love we embrace
T o ...n e w ...h e a r t-b e a t ...s o u n d s
-- TR


Paul said...

I wish more Christians were interested in being like Jesus in their own time, place, and space. To me, this is more important than touting the company line. I've heard people ask "Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?" in such a robotic manner that I honestly have to wonder if they really have much of a concept of the meaning of the language they're using.

Bethany Pledge said...

Throwing out the TV is the most revolutionary thing you can do. I have been TV-less for a few years now, and I am sure my house has more peace in it as a result. We watch dvds on my computer, rent movies, even rent seasons of television shows, but I find that not having a TV frees up a lot of time. Not to mention living free of the crap that's on there.

Ok, I do like the Daily Show... :)