Sunday, November 11, 2007

Butterfly Dancer

“ My heart is light because my hopes are high.”

We often admire love without thinking of the way it works. Through this poem I touch upon one of the most unassuming virtues found in loving persons ... that is, their lightheartedness. Butterflies are essentially symbolic of this trait, but even for them it’s not a given, but a process toward transformation. Caught between the elemental forces of gravity they struggle towards lightness and must overcome the heaviness of their caterpillar existence where God himself provides the cocoon, the place of transformation.Dance is the natural expression of a person’s lightheartedness just as heaviness is an indication of sickness, sadness or depression. The dancer is light on her feet and in her spirit defying gravity, flying on the wings of levity thus personifying the butterfly, communicating to others through the silent eloquence of the body’s grace, calmness and relaxed-concentration. We literally feel the friendliness, cheer and warmth not only in her posture but also in all of her lively and sometimes unpredictable movements.

Butterfly DancerButterfly Dancer
What do you celebrate?
Messy-human love
A clownish leaf-eating insect?
ClingyEasy prey?
No… God prepares a cocoon
For lowly-love to transform
Raising a monarch ruler
Not a winged-caterpillar
UnconfinedExtreme makeover
Butterfly DancerWhat do you celebrate?
Far from gravity’s solemnity
From cocoony darkness
Love breaks out of fear
Heavenly minded
Flexing new wings
To unfettered freedom
To things-not-seen
Fearless love
Resilient-dotted pathways
Free, high and kind
Butterfly Dancer
What do you celebrate?
Slender, gracefulIn your regalia
Fleeting- dainty feet
Hardly touching ground
Face soft and sweet
To the heart-beat of drums
Your heart is light
Defying gravity
Flying on wings of levity
Rushing through your veins
Cheerful and warm
© TR

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