Sunday, July 1, 2007

Visitations of love…

¨I need to believe that you exist somewhere, someplace,
even though I don’t know your name nor have I learned the way to find you.
That you may appear unexpectedly when I have stopped looking for you.
That all could be as simple as just looking at you,
and in an odd way be able to recognize you when I do see you.
That your eyes would tell me even though exhausted,
all that my lips have held in silence.
That I would feel a hug from behind me without expecting it,
never losing the sensation of it nor ever forgetting it.
And above all, I need to believe,
that there are still stories that are worth believing in.¨
-- Anonymous

We all need to believe. When you read the verses above it doesn’t have to be referring to a romantic encounter, because who doesn’t need a visitation from love? Can anything surpass the beauty of letting someone see the tears that stream inside your soul? It can be so liberating because the act of transparency frees you and me from distressful thoughts, distancing us from the noise, doubts and confusion that come from outside and often take residence inside too. From time to time I have these experiences and I'll give you one example. I was waiting for my daughter to finish her French classes, but the pain and discomfort had gotten so bad that I literally got down in a kneeling position with my head resting on a low couch. This was quite a crowded area full of parents who were also waiting for their children.

I was in that position for 45 minutes when a man asked me if I was alright, but not the typical-superficial-all-right questions, but a genuine concern that radiated from his person. I was of course, at first hesitant, but his vibes were not dark... He knew how to locate the pain as if he was a doctor or a homeopathic doctor... and the gesture of showing care like that to a total stranger brought tears to my eyes.

Now I know what Jesus meant when he said that whatever you do to others you do to me. The flip side is that we are Christ through those transpersonal encounters... that kind of compassion and concern that is so rare and have learned to guard ourselves from.

-- TR © 2007

¨Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.¨ -- Edgar Allen Poe

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